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the zebrot

Zebra Music is a boutique music Services Company located in Ramat Gan, Israel.

It's DJ roster includes some of Israel leading DJs.

Zebra's DJs are experienced, professional, creative, thorough (yet adorable) musicians with impressive careers in Israel and abroad.

Besides leading Israel's wedding market , the company takes a prominent part in Tel Aviv's nightlife scene.
In addition, the Company provides music services, collaboration and advisory to festivals, trade events, corporate events and fairs.

Although Zebra specializes in catering to many types of crowds in various different settings, the company’s claim to fame is its vast experience in wedding events.
It is the Zebra DJ’s motto to maintain constant planning and consultation with the bride and groom and to provide the perfect soundtrack for each unique couple and their guests.

In addition to providing the ‘hits’ in perfect amount and timing, Zebra’s DJs deliver their superb technical and emotional creativity when a couple wishes to challenge themselves and their guests. By stepping out of the comfort zone of ordinary "Wedding Music" – the Zebra DJs know how to create a one-of-a-kind party, combining different musical styles, both old and new, rocking the crowd with surprising jams and creating a unique unforgettable party.

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